Hurricane Safety

Preparation for a hurricane:

  • Keep tuned to a local radio or television station for the latest weather service advisories as well as special instructions from your local officials.
  • Check battery powered equipment. Your battery operated radio could be your only source of information, and flashlights will be needed if utility services are interrupted.
  • Keep your car fueled should evacuation be necessary. Service stations may be inoperable after the storm strikes.
  • Store drinking water in clean bathtubs, jugs, bottles and cooking pots since your town's water system may be contaminated or damaged by the storm.
  • Board up windows or protect them with shutters or tape. Although tape may not keep a window from breaking, it is an effective way of preventing flying glass.
  • Secure outdoor objects that might blow away. Garbage cans, garden tools, toys, signs, porch furniture and a number of other harmless items become deadly missiles in hurricane winds.
  • Moor your boat securely before the storm arrives, or move it to a designated safe area.
  • During the hurricane remain indoors if you live inland and away from low lying areas. However, if you are advised by your local officials to evacuate, do so immediately. You will be directed to a shelter provided for your safety.
  • Keep your radio on and listen to information regarding the location of the "eye" of the hurricane. If the center of the storm passes directly overhead there will be a lull in the wind, lasting from a few minutes to an hour or more, and then the other side of the "eye" will move in with the winds rapidly returning to hurricane force and will come in the opposite direction.
  • After the storm, beware of dangerous dangling wires and hazardous road conditions. If power has been shut off, check refrigerated food for spoilage and be suspicious of water that might be contaminated.

If you have any questions regarding hurricane safety or the Emergency Management Program in Brielle, please contact the Police Chief at (732) 528-5050.