Natural Resource Inventory

One of the most important tasks of the Environmental Commission is to prepare an Environmental Resource Inventory (also called Natural Resource Inventory or Index of Natural Resources). A typical inventory includes maps and text containing information on the municipality’s geology, climate, soils, surface and ground water resources, vegetation, wildlife, air and water quality, waste disposal and discharge sites and historic resources. The Environmental Resource Inventory gives the municipality an understanding of the capacity and limitations of its natural resources. It becomes the basis for the environmental commission's analyses and recommendations concerning the impact of the land use and other decisions on local and regional resources.

Brielle Environmental Commission undertook this task in 1978 without the need to hire outside consulting firms. Because of the dedication and expertise of the commissioners and help from friends with specific skills the commission was able to save Brielle $6,000 to $8,000. Click the links below to see the chapters of the NRI. If you would like a hard copy of the Inventory please contact Richard Scott. Also, there is a copy in the Brielle Library.