A Community by the River

Historic Sites in Brielle

Welcome to Historic Brielle. Here are a number of scenes from years gone by.

(circa 1910-1918)
Can you Identify any of these children.
If so, contact John Belding, Borough Historian, at 528-6600 ext.117


(Circa 1900) House subsequently moved and is now located on Riverview Drive.


Originally built as the Carteret Hotel in 1883. It was located at the corner of Park Avenue, (now Fisk Avenue), and Brielle Avenue.
Building no longer exists.


Originally constructed as a summer cottage for Captain Wynant Pearce, Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1877. Capt. Pearce later turned it into a summer hotel and right hand section was added to original structure.


(Circa 1900) Located on the Manasquan River, foot of Union Lane, burned down February 1914. Second floor room, near corner, occupied by Robert Louis Stevenson, May 1888. Wrote portion of "Master of Ballen Tree"here.


(Circa 1925) Manasquan River and Osborn Island. Now Nienstedt Island.


(Circa 1905) Pearce's BoatHouse in center of photo.


(Circa 1900) Pearce's Boat House from Float, Manasquan River


(Circa 1928) Manasquan River Scene


(Circa 1955)


Second Public School, (1856-1918) Located on Schoolhouse Road


(Circa 1930)


Now Private Home on Union Lane


Located on Union Lane - Completely Rebuilt in 1998 - Only front porch Now Identifiable


Second Brielle Post Office, on Green Avenue. Now Office of a General Contractor


First Brielle Post Office - Destroyed by Fire in 1914


(Circa 1910) Mostly Destroyed by Fire. Now the site of a condominium development


(Circa 1919) The Glimmer Glass, Manasquan River


(Circa 1920) Brielle Beach Bridge


This Driveway is now Sycamore Lane


(Circa 1907) Laurel Avenue looking towards Riverview Drive


A well known restaurant, 1934. Building has housed various eateries over the years.


(Circa 1906) Union Lane facing West at corner of Green Avenue

(Circa 1820) Historic Longstreet Cottage as shown in this 1890 photo located at 532 Union Lane.

We hope the preceding scenes from "yesterday" were of interest to you. Our Borough Historian John Belding welcomes comments and questions. His email address is brielleboro@bytheshore.com. If you would care to see what we look like today, stay with us, return to menu, and click on "Brielle Today".


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