A Community by the River

Gateway to Brielle


Originally, Higgins Avenue was Route 35 which crossed the Manasquan River to Point Pleasant. When the state built the present Route 35 bridge almost 50 Years ago, Higgins Avenue (still owned by the State) fell into disrepair. Some three years ago, Stewart Hausmann, acting as a member of the Brielle Borough Council, contacted Governor Whitman asking that Higgins Avenue be deeded to the Borough so that it could be properly maintained. Success! Plans were then formulated to make Higgins Avenue into the "Gateway to Brielle".


  • To create a safer thoroughfare.
  • To encourage and vitalize a downtown business area.
  • To develop an attractive entrance into our community.

A Safe Thoroughfare:

Realign the roadway so as to provide for safer and clearer direction for the motorist and to add safe walkways for pedestrians.

  • At the intersection of Route 35, a deceleration lane has been added with a sharper turn onto Higgins Avenue. This compels the motorist to reduce speed before entering Higgins Avenue.
  • Higgins Avenue has been narrowed, curbed and lined with street trees. This will alert the motorist that they are entering a residential community
  • At the intersection of Higgins Avenue and Route 71, the roadway has been realigned and all minor islands have been eliminated. A sample T intersection has been provided.
  • Walkways have been added throughout the project, eliminating the need to walk in the street.
  • Brick crosswalks have been added at major intersections to signal to the motorist that pedestrians may be crossing.

Vitalize Business Area:

It is anticipated that the creation of a safer and more attractive street will further the growth and vitality of Brielle's business community.

  • Twenty plus new parking spaces have been added within the Borough Right-of-Way to encourage this effort.
  • Two area are to be developed as community green spaces where shoppers and children may gather and/or linger in the heart of town.

An Attractive Entrance:

Create an attractive entry or gateway into Brielle which emphasizes the unique quality of Brielle.

  • From the start, the Citizens Advisory Committee envisioned a tree-lined street. This image was expanded as the committee continued to define the "uniqueness" of Brielle which they began to describe as "A Community on the River". A waterfront image evolved and materials and site furnishings were selected to continue this theme.
  • Walkways and Street Crossings are to be Belgian block.

Site Furnishings:

  • Pedestrian Lights have been chosen to light the walkways. The style and midnite blue color reinforce the waterfront theme.
  • Trash and Recycle Receptacles, and Benches have been located throughout the project to encourage community use. They have been chosen for strength, durability and ergonomics and will match the light fixtures in color and style.

Street Trees:

Hardy varieties of trees have been chosen which will withstand snow removal and the pollution of automobiles. They will eventually grow to be the stately street trees which will give Brielle the image the committee envisions.


The borough is committed to providing funds for the Higgins Avenue Road Improvement Project. Additionally, it is actively pursuing many other avenues of funding.


FUNDS RECEIVED: 1999 State Transportation Trust Fund $175,000.00 1999 State Discretionary Trust Fund $100,000.00 2000 State Transportation Trust Fund $150,000.00 $425,000.00

ANTICIPATED FUNDS: 2000 State Discretionary Fund $75,000.00

GRANTS APPLIED FOR: State Shade Tree Trust Fund $20,000.00

GRANTS BEING RESEARCHED: State Pathway and Bikeway Grant $15,000.00

As planned by the committee, the streetscape design contains many features which reflect the character and uniqueness of Brielle. In order to assure the completion of the design as proposed, the public is being invited to help fund this quality image through gift giving.

Higgins Avenue Citizens Advisory Committee Thanked

A vote of thanks to the Citizens Advisory Committee for its dedication and talent in helping design the new plans for Higgins Avenue. This committee is made up of your neighbors - parents, grandparents, a landscaper, a master gardener, a landscape architect, 2 former councilmen, a resident of Higgins Avenue, an environmental planner, president of the Woman's Club, past president of the Garden Club, past president of the Chamber of Commerce, Planning Board member, Environmental Commission member, Board of Recreation Commissioner, Church in Brielle leader, president of the Riverview Seniors, and a current council member and chairman of the Public Works committee. Our borough administrator, Thomas Nolan also is thanked for his invaluable help every step along the way.

  • Grace Bruder
  • Nancy Ehrola
  • Sharon Emich
  • Shirin Harman
  • Stewart Hausmann
  • Jean Holmes
  • Jennifer Kerrigan
  • Glenn Miller
  • Paul Nolan
  • Cathy Schmidt
  • George Sevastakis
  • Ann Scott, chair

Brielle thanks you!!!

Gateway Trust Fund Committee

The Gateway Trust Fund Committee was formed was formed to promote the new Higgins Avenue design. One of its missions was to excite the community about the proposed transformation and to invite as many as possible to be part of it through tax deductible gift giving.

Presentations were made to numerous groups. Portfolios with colored renderings were available for viewing at several public locations, and personal visits were made to most businesses. Forms for tax deductible gift giving are still available at borough hall.

Members of the gateway trust Fund Committee include:

  • George Callas, Chairman
  • John Belding
  • Kenneth Dawe
  • Nancy Ehrola
  • Charles Fasulo
  • Shirin Harman
  • Carolyn Langdon
  • Wendy
  • Paul Moritz
  • Gordon Reinhauer
  • Timothy Shaak
  • Joseph Terrone
  • George Wall
  • Beverly Wright.


Total gifts and pledges received as of February 10, 2001 $91,162.00


  • The Sand Bar
  • Richard & Ann Scott
  • Peter & Laura DiBiagio
  • David & Gail Carlson
  • Robert L. Monetti
  • Jonathan Ron Liquors
  • Bob & Cindy Tufts
  • Brielle Police Association
  • C. Stewart Hausmann
  • Jean C. Foster
  • Dr. Dolores Ballard
  • John P. Cleary
  • Brandywyne East II
  • Robert & Edna Moore
  • BG Inc. (Brielle Galleries)
  • Virginia C. Gould
  • Elizabeth J. McCorkle
  • Carol Ann Fine
  • William & Marjorie Covey
  • Hair Systems, Inc
  • Henry & Laura Burke
  • Craig & Marian Hadley
  • Scott & Stephanie Tolnai
  • Paul & Jean Hendrickson
  • Jack & Joan Sinn
  • Rev. Frederick Valentino
  • Wm. Wolfe & Mary Catherine Cuff
  • John & Eleanor Matthews
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dean T. Tuttle
  • Albrecht Family
  • Kenneth & Moyra Dawe
  • Patricia Schaefer
  • Helen Zamarra
  • Henry & Nancy Heidt
  • Hal & Helen Armstrong
  • Walter W. Litzenbauer
  • Helen P. Rauch
  • Hugh & Patty Nolan
  • Jeff & Shelia Wall
  • David Matthews
  • Joseph & Janet Hatoli
  • Jerry & Marlene Cernero Sr.
  • Jerry Cernero Jr.
  • Lawrence J. Santaniello
  • Dr. David & Nancy Kleinfield
  • Barbato & Meaken Families
  • Craig & Carolyn Sulaitis
  • Elizabeth Hurley
  • Charles & Sheila Sarnasi
  • John & Beverly Wright
  • Charles & Eleanor Detombeur
  • Paul & Dara Griffin
  • Les & Cecile Reitman
  • June S. Lankenau
  • George & Carole Wall
  • Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Pungerchar
  • Albert & Nancy Gross
  • Mr. & Mrs. R. Neveil
  • Michelle Lehotay, D.C.
  • Steve & Stephanie Matthews
  • Frank & Judy Accisano
  • Elberta Hodgson
  • Barbara G. Johnson
  • Helen Rauch
  • Sullivan Family
  • Fritz & Wendy Moritz
  • Peggy K. Bruett
  • Kenneth & Marie Duane
  • James & Millie McCumsey, Jr
  • John & Dorothy Honywill
  • Matthew & Elizabeth Reaves
  • Francis & Patricia Stefurak
  • James & Susan Stenson
  • Rev. Paul & Deborah Walther
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dan Regan
  • Frank Garruzzo & Family
  • Jonathan Green & Sons, Inc.
  • The Rozenthals
  • Jim & Bonnie Barry
  • Richard Bahadurian
  • Joe & Irene Crecca
  • Paul & Jean Hendrickson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bohacik
  • John & Mary Ann Rowe
  • Don Fowler
  • Paul & Lisa Nolan
  • Margaret Werner
  • Dr. Brewster & Eve Breeden
  • Barbara Kearney
  • Sally M. Brown
  • Walter Teetsel
  • William & Wendy Lavosky
  • Scott & Leslie Duerr
  • Barbara A. Stampfle
  • Innovative Computer Solutions, Inc
  • Meehan Carting, Inc.
  • Robert & Nina Garofalo
  • Edward & Doris Egan
  • Thomas & Robin Hackett
  • Mark C. Lichtenwalner
  • Christian G. Fischer
  • David & Gloria Smith
  • The Church in Brielle
  • Brielle Fire Co. #1
  • Dance for Joy
  • Richard & Gloria Gardner
  • Waldo & Virginia Carkhuff
  • Richard T. Harvey
  • Dr. & Mrs. Richard Ryan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Miles
  • Kathleen Crane
  • Bel Aire Landowners Assn.
  • Grace Bruder
  • Martha Hood
  • JoAnn Evans
  • Sara's Closet
  • William H. Jewett
  • Joseph J. McGuire
  • William & Catherine Coyne
  • Greywolf Fitness
  • Marcel & Ruth Wagner
  • Mr. & Mrs Robert J. Gilbert
  • William A. Burkhardt, Sr.
  • Wilbert & Montenegro
  • Summit Bank
  • Bayberry Garden Club
  • Rose Mary Lisena
  • Riverview Seniors
  • Charles & Mary Kavanagh
  • Mary Cato
  • Shirrin Harman
  • Women's Club of Brielle
  • John Paglia (Leggets Sand Bar)
  • Richard Strucek
  • Nicholas Psaros (Mariner's Cove)
  • William & Arlene Rathjen
  • Josephine Bacenas & John Pucher
  • L.W. & Rose Marie Laird
  • Robert B. Heintz
  • Vincent & Joan Higgins
  • John & Maryanne Gross
  • Richard & Janice Wurfel
  • Robert & Sandra Engler
  • Thomas & Virginia Birckhead
  • Theresa's Keepsake Photography
  • Dave & Dee Whittmore
  • The Nicol Family
  • Mr. & Mrs Jude Meehan
  • Richard J. Rigby
  • Charlie Brown's Steakhouse
  • Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Laszarakis
  • Larry & Kathleen Schmidt
  • Union Landing Restaurant
  • Lawrence-Wilson-Mayer-Interiors
  • John J. Mangini, P.C.
  • Robert & Marilyn Sauer
  • H.C. Sauer, Inc
  • James Bond
  • John B. Wright Agency, Inc
  • Whippletree Beauty
  • Clifford & Joyce Blasi
  • Kevin & Linda Pannuzo
  • Edward & Vilette Donahue
  • Dr. & Mrs. Earl O'Neill
  • Carolyn A. Imburgia
  • Maude K. Galloway
  • Richard Van Trease
  • Captain Pearce
  • Faith Nolfi
  • Robert Hulsart
  • Manasquan River Golf Club
  • Chris & Meg Farren
  • Brielle Chamber of Commerce
  • Brielle Cyclery
  • Earle Asphalt Co.
  • William & Susan Brady
  • Birdsall Engineering, Inc.
  • Theresa's Keepsake Photography
  • Brielle Pharmacy
  • Lois Glen
  • George S. Callas



The Gateway Project is taking the winter off, but not without having made great headway in the year 2000. We saw every conceivable piece of road equipment put to use in transforming the ancient and neglected Higgins Avenue into a roadway that bespeaks the wishes of Brielle.

As shoulders of the road were excavated, new storm pipes were laid and new storm drains were installed to ensure better drainage; the water main was replaced and increased in size to provide better pressure and protection. Irrigation systems were installed for proposed landscaping, and electric lines for illumination of same. While we may never see these underground improvements, it's reassuring to know they're there.

The installation of the Belgium block curbing gave the first glimpse of what the road was to become - a roadway with definition and form - with a constant but reduced width, and a new look for Higgins Avenue. Soon after, the brick walkway added yet another feature which enhanced both its safety and charm. The land was graded and topsoil was applied. And this was followed by the installation of new pedestrian lamps.

Meanwhile, the heavy road work progressed; cutting through the old concrete "highway" and removing the useless islands, removing sections of blacktop, sometimes two-feet-deep, laying out the new parking lots, realigning the Route 71 intersection and later the Route 35 intersection. And finally paving the road. And now it is quiet.

So what is next? New, taller lampposts will be installed. Come spring, the grass will be planted, the trees will be planted and the shrubbery will be planted. The benches and receptacles will be installed. And brick crosswalks at the Route 71 intersection will complete the construction.

And then we can celebrate.