A Community by the River

Borough of Brielle, NJ

April 7, 2015

April 07 2015


The Borough is currently engaged in two major public works projects that have the potential to cause temporary interruption in the water supply and in accessing the Borough Department of Public Works Facility.
Sections of Union Lane shall be closed as the contractor works to install a new water main along the street between Ashley Avenue and Route 71 and then from Route 71 to the entrance of the DPW Yard.
The erection of the new water storage tank will impact on your ability to enter the DPW Yard starting the week of April 6th.
Every effort shall be made to ensure only temporary and minimal impacts on our residents, but some inconvenience shall be unavoidable and the work, by its very nature, is subject to weather, unanticipated on-site problems and all the myriad of unforeseeable events that always attend this type of construction.
The Governing Body wants all Brielle Residents to know that this work is necessary and in your interest; it ensures the potable water supply, and given the recent events in California, it is self-evident that potable water is a finite and irreplaceable resource, vital to sustain human life. Any disruption to the normal pace of our lives should be seen as a minor consideration when viewed in the totality of providing a safe and pure supply of water.
We are all in this together and together, with a little patient, we can get the job done and return to normal before the year is out.
Meantime, to facilitate public access, the Recycling Center Bins are being re-located to the municipal parking lot, adjacent to the Police Headquarters and Borough Hall. The Mayor & Council know that it is unsightly, but it is safe and convenient and always be mindful that it is a temporary inconvenience
Your Elected Officials thank you in advance for your cooperation during this process.